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Our Brand: Cirque Mountain Apparel

Cirque Mountain Apparel

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Custom Made Beanies is owned by parent company Cirque Mountain Apparel.  Cirque is a beanie brand that manufactures and wholesales beanies to retail stores and shops across North America.  The brand sells beanies that say specific towns, states and destinations on them.  For instance they have beanies that say “Colorado” on them, some with “Michigan” and some with “Vermont”.

Become a Dealer of Cirque


If you are interested in selling Cirque at your store, and do not want to or are unable to produce custom beanies Cirque has thousands of beanie styles ready to ship at your call.

Please contact us directly to find out more information, 970-845-1150 or info@cirquemtn.com.

Cirque Serving 5 Key U.S. Markets

Rocky Mountain: CO, UT, NM, AZ

The Rocky Mountain Region includes products for: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

Pacific Coast: CA, WA, OR, B.C., AK

The Pacific Region includes products for: California, Washington, Oregon, B.C., and Alaska.

North East: ME, VT, RI, MA, NH

The Northeast Region includes products for:Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Mass, New Hampshire

Northern Plains: WY, MT, ID

The Norther Plains Region includes products for: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

Midwest: MI, IL, WI, MN, OH

The Midwest Region includes products for: Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio

Contact US

Contact us now to become a Cirque Retailer or to purchase Cirque goods in bulk now!

P: 970-845-1150

E: info@cirquemtn.com