Luxurious Cashmere Beanies

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Cirque has recently released a whole new beanie option that will make you feel like you’re wearing soft warm puppy ears. Cirque’s Cashmere Beanies are 80% Cashmere and 20% wool. These beanies offer the coziest touch, toasty as can be and luxurious, sophisticated style. Add on an authentic fox fur pom and a suede brim tag for a classic touch. Our no-pom option offers a vertical stitch fold up brim for the sophisticated outdoorsman. Design your own cashmere beanie with your personalized suede or leather brim tag or patch with a variety of yarn colors to chose from. The Cashmere Beanie is a great way to add a high-end variety to your collection to expand your customer base. Inquire with to start designing your Cashmere Beanie.

CustomBeanies_0025_Large3 CustomBeanies_0024_Large LARGE   Verbier Cashmere Beanie LARGE   Verbier Cashmere Beanie

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