How to Choose and Wear a Beanie – Stand out from the crowd

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How to Choose and Wear a Beanie – Stand out from the crowd


Choosing and wearing a beanie can be challenging. There are so many different styles and colors of beanies that exist, which makes decision making hard. Use the following information to make the right choice.

Wearing a beanie comes in handy to keep the body warm whenever it is cold outside. These form fitting and domed hats are very popular during winter. In most cases, they are made from fleece, cotton, natural yarn, or wool.

Beanies are the classic cold weather hats. To change your beanie from a standard headpiece to a complicated fashion statement, it is prudent to stick with various up-to-date styles. You should wear your hat in such a way that stresses your desire for style compared to mere practicality.


Consider neutral colors

Bright prints and colors tend to look relatively juvenile. So which are the best colors to work with? Well, the best colors to consider are tan, brown, grey, white, or black. Neutral colors are generally more versatile. Choose a classic color if you want to spice up things. Blue or red are perfect examples of classic colors. Without gravitating towards neon shades, select a bold color or gem tone.

Keep it unadorned

If you want to custom design a beanie, then avoid styles with zippers, beadwork, or pompoms. Generally, a simple knit beanie normally looks stylish and classic. However, styles with embellishments or decorations look relatively less attractive. For those who opt for embellishments, select a subtle embellishment such as decorative brown buttons.

Always lean towards loose-fit styles

Elastic beanies tend to be tight around the forehead. In addition to being uncomfortable as well as leaving a red line on your skin, a tight-fitting beanie tends to be less fashionable. This is the main reason why you should gravitate towards the loose-fit styles. A brand beanie with pom will surely never disappoint you. There is no doubt about that.


Maintain a casual look

Always keep your knit beanie with pom over your forehead to have a casual-everyday look. The front of your beanie ought to be just slightly over your eyebrows. Your beanie’s sides ought to come down just above your ears. Avoid pulling your beanie all the way down. Alternatively, just leave it loose both at the top as well as in the back. Remember to push you bangs under the hat.

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