Custom High School Beanies

High School Apparel


All high school’s across the country have school pride, and lots of it.  The best way to showcase school support is with a custom made high school beanie.  The custom made beanie can feature your high school logo with a pom, your logo knit right in, and any combination of designs with your school colors, mascots, slogans and name.

We have produced Custom High School Hats for many schools across the country with very good results from the students.  Custom beanies with poms, custom beanies with your mascot, and custom logo beanies are a sure success at your school.

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High School Sports Beanie


Sports teams have some of the most loyal fans and proud friends around. The best way to showcase support is with a fully custom high school pom beanie that everyone in the audience can see on that one, best dressed, fans head.  We can produce:

  • High school hockey beanies
  • High school soccer beanies
  • High school football beanies
  • High school track beanies
  • High school team beanies
  • All other sports

Elementary School Beanie and Primary School Beanie


Even the youngest schools have kids, families and staff that want to show their support for the school.  We can produce  elementary schools, primary school hats, pre-school hats, and all age schools.

  • Elementary School Beanies
  • Elementary School Hats
  • Special Needs School Apparel
  • Summer School Beanies
  • Outdoor Youth School Hats
  • All other educational apparel

School Uniform Hats


Many schools instigate dress code, what better way to compliment a dress code than with a school uniform beanie:

  • School Uniform Hat
  • Faculty Hat
  • School Sports Uniform
  • Student Body Hat
  • Custom Uniform Beanie
  • All other sports

Educational Program Stocking Caps and Beanies


For privately funded or independent educational programs we also can produce beanies.  Outdoor education, cultural education, boy scouts and all other educational and cultural groups can use beanies.

  • Outdoor Adventure Clothing
  • Education Beanie
  • Cultural Beanie
  • Boy Scout Hats
  • Girl Scout Hats
  • All other educational groups apparel
Custom Made High School beanie
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